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Word for the New Year


I started picking a Word for the year a few years back and some years it really stuck and others it ended up drifting away like any other resolution. When I was thinking of the word for 2015 I wanted something that would stick, something that really spoke to what I had been feeling lately and how I wanted 2015 to go. I had the feeling but the word was harder. I needed something that would capture it all, but not to broad that it would seem to big.

I had been thinking of my health and wellness and overall being over the past couple of months. I had started walking and really getting loving my fitbit. I started feeling better; not so in my head. I wanted to make my Dr. appointments that I had been neglecting for too many years (yes, years). I wanted to keep going with my daily scribbles. I wanted to dig in deeper to my spirituality and start to be able to bring that into my family life. I wanted to cook more, learn how to cook really. What would be the word that captures all of that?

Nurture came to mind – nurturing what I had already started. Keep it going. But then Nourish came into view: Supply with what is necessary for life, health, growth. To cherish, foster, keep alive. To strengthen, build up and promote. This was it. Nourish.

Nourish will be the word that I come back to again and again in 2015. My 2014 Word of Year was Open and I still want to keep that at top of mind. Being open to what is and what is to come…open to all the possibilities that Nourish can mean and bring into my life.

We’d love to hear what words you are bringing into your world for the new year ….

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