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what’s your time worth to you?

Tiffany-Han-for-FB-postThe Tiffany Han is among other things a “business and branding coach for highly creative women”, and her piece The Value of Everything is a feature in the upcoming issue of Mabel.

One of the many things that Tiffany is über awesome at is asking the hard questions—you know, the ones . . .  they make you feel funny inside, a little queasy, and they make you want to cry, or laugh or all of the above, at the same time, and your gut tells you: yeah, you need to figure out the answer to that one. She’s joining Mabel this issue to talk about valuing Everything—not only our money, but everything that we bring.

You can order your copy here. Oh and psssst: Tomorrow May 1st is the last day for the special pre-order price.

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