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what is abundance to you?


We thought it was fitting that we kick off our posts for the upcoming issue of Mabel with some words from our very own Grace Moore (aka Grace on Demand).  Mabel No. 3 will be out in May, and we’ll be sharing a wealth of stories about money and abundance and prosperity—including Grace’s regular column.

Money is such a fraught topic for so many of us: we don’t have enough, or we have enough but we’re worried about it disappearing, or we’re spending too much on meaningless things for want of something else in our lives, or we feel embarrassed by our riches, or we feel ashamed about our lack.

There are so many more scenarios that we could list here about money and what we have vs. what we want; so for just a moment let’s what if.

Putting aside all your worries and all your tensions and all your needs and all your expectations around “money”—what if all your abundance and prosperity came from how you see and how you experience your world? What would your money story look like then?

We’d love to hear some of your responses, so bring ’em on. You can comment here, or over on the Mabel Facebook page.

Look for more previews of the May 2015 issue of Mabel in the next few weeks and you can pre-order your issue here.

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  • Antonia April 9, 2015, 6:17 am

    Yes. Thank you so much for this. It IS about how I see the world. Through my gratitude practice I have truly experienced abundance because there is always more more more.

    I am grateful that last year I did a lot of personal work on worthiness and financial abundance. I think that work must be ongoing for me because I fall back into those habits of a transactional mindset and of fearing not having enough. Thank you for that reminder … and for the reminder that how I see the world is the first step. An abundance of gratitudes and possibilities provides.

    I’d love to hear what you are grateful for … http://ourgratitudecollective.com

  • Antonia April 9, 2015, 6:33 am

    Right after I posted that comment I returned to my rss feed to find this! I just had to share …


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