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making a living • a premiere doodle from artsyville


One of the many things joyful things about planning and putting together Mabel is that we get to reach out to people in our community whose work we admire, whose presence we love and who bring their work and their presence together to create beautiful things.

Aimee Dolich of Artsyville is one of those persons. We’re thrilled to announce that in the upcoming issue of Mabel a full-size-never-before-seen doodle from the Artsyville studio will be featured. Aimee has created a piece about making & giving and making a living just for Mabel’s readers and just for this issue which is all about money, abundance, prosperity, and worth.

Purchase your own copy of Mabel here, and check out Aimee’s work. It is not to be missed!

P.S.  Aimee will be offering a 20% discount to Mabel readers near the end of May—we’ll be announcing the discount, and giving the discount code in an upcoming newsletter—sign up to receive the Mabel newsletter and visit the Artsyville shop.

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