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Stef and I are self-avowed magazine lovers from way way back. The publishing landscape has changed over the last few years and we find it thrilling and affirming to see more and more small-upstart-niche-specialty-self-published magazines out in the world and on the stands.

Stef and I said yes to this let’s publish a magazine adventure last year and as with any new adventure, there are so many lessons to learn, so much to figure out, and so much to get done. We have some savvy supporters who pitched in and helped us along the way and we’d like to take a minute to thank them here:

Laurie-WagnerLaurie Wagner was the first person we talked to in depth about Mabel. We spent a day in early January with her and got the benefit of her advice, plus her ability to ask the really good, really hard questions. The foundations of Mabel were begun that day, and Laurie’s experience in the worlds of publishing and writing were invaluable—plus she’s got that whole generosity of spirit and rah-rah-go-get-em-girls vibe that any project needs.

DanielleDanielle Purvey Spiewak is the amazing creative who designed our Mabel logo—yes, she designed our girl! We gave her a few general ideas, we showed her some logos we liked, and we said have fun, we trust you. We were so right-on with that trust. All of the planning we put in—creating and envisioning just who Mabel is, where she’s going and how she most wants to live her life—and Danielle shone her right back to us.

Maya-and-TingleMaya Stein and Amy Tingle helped us edit copy for, well . . .  everything. They edited for the website, they edited for the magazine, they edited our bios, they wrote copy for the website, they were {and are} Amazing. Their feel for language, their eminently delectable word-smithing, their love for the turn of a phrase, their willingness to look at something 3, 4 or 5X, are all the things that helped put together this first issue. You can find out more about them here: food4thesoultrain.com