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so . . . what’s next?


What’s Next is the theme of the up-coming  Mabel No. 4 (available this November) and we’ll be sharing stories about how people are making choices, how they are following (and re-writing) their personal to-do lists and what some of their methods are for making the best choices about What’s Next.

Sarah J. Bray tells her story of rebounding from a lay-off and making her what’s next a meaningful project • Jenipher Lyn Gallardo shares her story of how a disappointment almost made her doubt her big dream • Lisa Field talks about the end of a marriage and the start of a new life • Jill Salahub gives us a step-by-step on how to move forward in our lives when there’s been a loss • Meghan Genge let’s us in on how a dream come true sometimes needs a re-evaluation • and Jennifer Lee introduces us to her newest leap of faith.

This issue’s Living . . .  features Alaskan artist Amy Meissner • 7 Reasons You Should Know . . . features writer and artist Katherine Ferrier • Traveling with Children from Faith Evans-Sills • An exercise on how to choose your mantra for the year from Liz Lamoreux • Plus a plethora of Personal Essays and our regular columns from Grace Moore, Barb Skoog and Amy Siu.

We’ll be offering Mabel No. 4 for pre-order at a reduced rate for the next few weeks — look for an announcement on Mabel’s Facebook page coming soon!

{Image and quote above from contributing artist, illustrator and sheperdess Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm.}

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