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saver? spender?

making-a-living-column-headerAre you a saver or a spender? If you’re a saver: do you put away enough for emergencies or do you find that you save it compulsively, and rarely spend it. If you’re a spender: do you spend more than you make and worry about the consequences later?

Amy-SiuOh, how I love to save. And spend! I do both. I first save… I feel more relaxed knowing that I am reserving energy (in the form of money) for the unexpected, for retirement, for future visions and as-yet-mysterious dreams. And aside from the essentials like mortgage, food, utilities, gas, clothes and art supplies, I try to spend it on experiences and things that expand my family and me, making us wealthier in spirit and joy.  I usually know that we have / are expecting the money before I spend it.

Amy Siu :: Coach • Artist • Felicitator • Mama :: loves to inspire joy and connection through conversation, creativity and kindness.

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Jill-SalahubFor me, it’s not an either/or answer—I spend and I save. I’ve worked steadily since I was 14 years old, take pride in earning what I have and being able to take care of myself. I am relatively conservative, saving enough for many small emergencies or one big one because I know how trouble can surprise us. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I also want to make life easier, better for others, which is where much of my spending happens. I enjoy giving gifts and love to help, am known to be a generous person. Either way, saving or spending, I let wisdom and compassion guide me, try to be mindful in my choices.

Jill Salahub writes about the tenderness and the terror, the beauty and the brutality of life, and of her efforts to keep her heart open through it all on her blog, A Thousand Shades of Gray.

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