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practicing with the art of money

Laurie-Wagner-for-FB-postLaurie Wagner interviews Bari Tessler Linden in the upcoming issue of Mabel. They talk money, practicing comfort, a few math details from Bari’s youth, and how to be in relationship with money. Laurie asks the deep questions and Bari shares a lot with us on how her money method came to be and how she practices her own relationship with money, everyday. BONUS: There’s a short exercise for you from Bari’s The Art of Money course that’s all about how to start finding {and believing in} your own value.

Purchase your copy hereAnd remember, this Friday May 1st is the last day for the special pre-order price, order your copy soon!

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  • Sherry Richert Belul May 19, 2015, 11:27 pm

    ooooh …. I am so excited to read this interview! I keep checking my mailbox for Mabel to arrive. Any day now!

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