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  • Susan Westbrook July 8, 2015, 8:49 pm

    Choice. Hmmmm. Sorry vegetarians…a “choice” cut of meat. From the center. Succulent. Juicy.
    That’s choice the adjective. If we translate that to the noun form, we have the act of selecting from two or more possibilities.
    Do I choose close to the bone, from scarcity, from fear, from someone else’s values? Or do I go for the center cut? The juicy opportunities? Do I make my choices a feast or do I shrink away and choose famine instead?
    Right now I am faced with a choice to go whole hog in an expenditure that puts me out of my comfort zone and puts my body and spirit in the big game I want to play. So I loved seeing this post. Loved being challenged by the quote…”what we truly are.” Perfect timing.
    What am I?
    I am…at choice. And I play like the world is full of second helpings…and sometimes even thirds. Yum!

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