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money talks says goodbye

Money-talks-column-headerHi everyone. Welcome to the final edition of  the Money Talks column. If you’ve been following along, you know that ever since our debut last May, we’ve been gathering wisdom from artists/entrepreneurs who “bare all” in terms of beliefs about money + tricks/tips/tools to earning a living while living a creative life.

We started this column following an essay about money I wrote for Mabel Magazine last spring. During the course of writing that piece, I started asking friends about their relationship to money/creativity. I realized that behind this somewhat taboo topic, there was so very much for us all to share.

Over the past year, it has been my extraordinary joy to interview so many amazing artists and entrepreneurs. I’ve learned so much. I am grateful to all our brave and honest contributors.

Interestingly enough, the biggest thing I learned from getting to author this column seems to be the same thing I learned when I wrote my essay: I want to keep doing what I love, because it is what calls to me. I want to keep doing what I love because it brings me joy. I want to keep doing what I love because my spirit, purpose, and vitality seem to be woven into my creative work.

I’ve loved all the helpful marketing and money tips that folks have shared. I’ve loved all the questions of value and self-worth. I love exploring ways to make money and support myself. These things are so incredibly important and I hope to keep on learning and growing in those areas. But where the real riches can be found for me are in simply living a creative life and being open to the twists and turns and loop-de-loops of that journey.

And get this — I’ve interviews some amazing creative folks over the past year. And I can call each one of them my friend. Talk about the riches of living a creative life! I’m sure you can say the same thing. Look around you. Who is skipping along beside you while you’re living your creative life? Pure gold, eh?

Speaking of — a virtual tip o’ my hat to our wonderful Mabel editors, Liz Kalloch and Stefanie Renee Lindeen. Thank you for creating this community and bringing us together through words and art. I’m honored to have a played a small role.

My final words for Money Talks? Do what you love and the money joy will follow. I promise. Hopefully the money will follow, too!

Adieu for now.

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