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making a living .:. creating a life

making-a-living-column-headerBeginning this week Mabel will publish a regular column called {appropriately} Making a Living • Creating a Life! We’ll be asking questions of folks in the Mabel community and posting answers on topics like work habits, secret crushes, home life, working moms, down-time, stress, soul work, food, obsessions, confessions and so many other things.

This week’s question: Are you working {or have you worked} a “day-job” while at the same time—in all that free time you have—working toward getting your own business or creative endeavor off the ground? If so, can you tell us a few things you do {or did} to keep yourself focused and energised? Stay tuned for the responses!

Do you have a question about work or life that you’d love to see an answer to? Send them to: info@mabelmag.com with Mabel Community Question in the subject line.

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  • Leslie January 19, 2015, 6:18 pm

    This past Friday (Janurary 16th), I quit my temporary job to concentrate full time on my art. In fact for the first time ever, when asked what I do when not temping, I said out loud, “I AM AN ARTIST!” My studio won’t be ready to move in until February 15, 2015 but I am busy sorting, organizing and planning the studio. I am making plans and setting goals. I look forward to the challenges of the coming year … /leslie

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