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how do you do “comments” these days?

making-a-living-column-headerIt used to be that receiving tons of comments on a blog post featured on an active website / blog was the norm. Popular blogs were like watering holes for people to gather and share info and experiences, meet more people, and get exposure for their own blogs. Not so much anymore. The blogging world has changed as we’ve started reading posts on our phones and on the go, and the communities that once formed around an active blogging website are changing too. We posed this question to the Mabel community:

You maintain an active blog and we’re wondering: has the interaction between you and your readers changed over the last few years?

Liz-LamoreuxMy experience is that fewer people leave comments on my blog and they’re more likely to comment on a Facebook post that links to a blog post. I’m still receiving emails from readers, which is nice, because I think we all want to know that our words are being read. That said, I continue to see my little online blog space as one where I share what I want to share and trust that whomever is drawn to read it will.

Liz Lamoreux invites you to notice the beauty of your everyday life (even when it rains). Connect with her at lizlamoreux.com

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Susannah-ConwayMy readership has continued to grow but I’ve certainly noticed a decline in blog comments. These days I get much more interaction on my other social media hangouts—Twitter, Facebook and Instagram—especially when I link to a new post.  I think it’s just easier for peeps to share their thoughts on a platform they’re already hanging out on. It feels more cozy on Facebook than in the blog comments section!

An author & photographer, Susannah Conway has been blogging for nine long years at susannahconway.com

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Jenna-McGuigganI’ve noticed that readers are often more inclined to leave a quick comment on a Facebook post (that links to a blog post) rather than commenting directly on the blog itself.  As with all things social media, this has its pros and cons.  On one hand, it’s great to have a deeper and wider conversation with different voices on social media.  On the other hand, it makes the blog feel less communal and more like a place where I simply publish stuff.  Come to think of it, this last point isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does have a different feel from the more communal blogs of yore.

Jenna McGuiggan writes, edits, coaches, teaches, and, yes, blogs in The Word Cellar 

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Flora-BowleyOne big change I made on my blog over the last year was the introduction of a series called, “TRIBE Tuesday.”  In this series, I feature stories and paintings from students who have taken my Bloom True online painting course or in-person workshops.  I love being able to promote the work of my students, while widening and strengthening my creative tribe.  I also couldn’t keep all the inspiring stories I hear so often to myself anymore!  I think my readers are connecting with the stories, and hopefully seeing a bit of their own creative journeys reflected in them as well.

Flora Bowley is an artist, author of Brave Intuitive Painting and inspirationalist living among a community of pioneering creative souls in Portland, Oregon. florabowley.com

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Do you have a story to share about how your blogging community has changed in the last wee while? Please share your stories here in the comments or on the Mabel Facebook page.

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AND please submit questions that you’d like to see the Mabel Community answer  in this Making a Living • Creating a Life column to:   info@mabelmag.com, subject line: Mabel Community Question

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  • deb taylor February 17, 2015, 6:09 am

    Well, now, if this isn’t the perfect timely question and answer session. Ever since Instagram and Facebook ate up my blog, I have struggled with what to do. I continue to blog for myself, and often readers still show up, but not to comment. They are on their mobile device or rather link out from IG or FB. I am guilty as well, not visiting my favorite blogs as often as I used to. I still post on my blog for personal creative reasons, documenting my own life in the digital format. But like Susannah said ” Facebook is a cozy place to hang-out, rather than the comment section of a blog. ” … and now I am on my way over to Facebook to comment on your page. I love you Mabel.

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