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doing what she loves, and . . .

Sherry-Belul-for-FB-postThere’s this phrase that we’ve all heard a million times. It periodically makes the rounds amongst creatives and entrepreneurs who are working towards getting to that place in their lives where they are doing the thing they most love in the world, and making money. It goes: do what you love and the money will follow.

For some, the two—money and that thing they love—don’t come together quite as easily as the phrase implies they could, would or should, and sometimes folks are left feeling confused and betrayed by their dreams.

In the upcoming issue of Mabel, Sherry Belul talks about how she has followed her joy, and has often come up short on the money piece. She shares her money story and digs a bit deeper to look at how where she’s putting her attention, might be key to finding her happily-ever-after money story.

Order the latest copy of Mabel here!

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