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do you know how much $ you have at hand?


Do you know approximately how much money you have, right now, in any and all of your liquid accounts, or do you use that debit card and say a prayer? Share some details, please.

Mary-Anne-RadmacherI know exactly how much money I have. I know, fairly specifically, how much money I owe and to whom. I know how much cash I have in my wallet. The only money to which I am not connected to the penny is the coin jar behind my writing desk. I let that be a surprise when the jar is full.

As to prayers in regard to my debit card… my prayers are directed to the individuals with whom I occasionally need to renegotiate due dates.  In addition to predictable monthly expenses, and the cost of materials for the work I create, my household has variable medical expenses.  Earning a living based upon royalty income requires some serious attentiveness to zero’s, commas and decimal points.

Mary Anne Radmacher’s fortunes have risen and fallen, in waves, in the creative industry, for over thirty years.  Applied Insight  for goods and maryanneradmacher.net for personal updates

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Mindy-TsonasOnce upon a time this might have been my truth, but these days I try to never make a Hail Mary purchase and usually know what exactly is in all my accounts. That said, even though my husband and I have shared one account and have one separate account each, I’m the one who’s managed the cash flow for most of our years together. We are trying to change this and have a more connected and integrated approach to our money because as we’ve learned over the years it’s more than just about nickels and dimes. It’s a complex energetic story we both contribute to no matter who’s in charge of putting the stamp on the bills.

Money is a love language, and in a marriage a place that can be challenging, vulnerable and where potential disconnect can breed. It’s a place we are doing lots of careful, mindful shifting and (especially) healing after losing our home in 2006—one of the biggest and most painful money lessons we’ve learned. Since then, it’s been about reclaiming this narrative and writing a stronger better more unified story.

Mindy Tsonas is a Life Artist, Wish Alchemist, and Modern Feminist who’s a fierce peacemaker with fear and shame.

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Danielle-DonaldsonI always try to stay on top of my finances on, at the very least, a weekly basis. I am the official bookkeeper of the family. With college payments for two kids, an aging house and now travel and supply expenses for my growing art business, it’s hard to stay ahead of what’s coming next.

Ideally I wanted to keep the family money separate from my art money so I could really track my monetary success. Um, yeah. That’s not happening. But I can say that it is making a difference in our daily lives finally. Instead of reaching for a credit card, we are able to pay cash. And that is HUGE.

Danielle Donaldson is mixed-media artist, illustrator and soon-to-be-author.

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