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what to do with “no strings” money?

making-a-living-column-headerIf someone were to give you enough “no strings attached” money to start a business or an endeavor of your choice, what would you begin building or investing in?

Rachel-Awes-bioEvery morsel of such miraculous money would go toward publishing expenses for the book I am currently writing + illustrating. It is written out of the quiet space of my therapy office, after my clients have left, + is filled with colorful + soulful inspiration + encouragement for the reader. It is my third + likely, best book.

This time, I want help from a design + editing team to make it as beautiful of a delivery as possible. Ultimately, I awake daily at four to squeeze out all the color + words i can muster + might on to a page, because I am driven to remind dear people of their magnificence.

Rachel Awes is a psychologist, author, + art playgroundist, who loves listening to the beauty in people.

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Amy-TingleI think I’d keep doing what I’m already doing and loving – building my life and our business, Food For the Soul Train, with Maya Rachel Stein. We do so many different amazing things and have the flexibility and energy to create and construct our life in the way we want to, even with very little money, it’s hard to imagine changing that, only enhancing it.

But what I would do is move to a place where we were surrounded by more land and had easier access to nature. The suburbs of NYC are exhausting. So if someone gave me that kind of money, the big dream is to bring all of our creative friends together in one spot, a lá Elizabeth Gilbert and Frenchtown, giving each of them places and spaces to do their individual work, while being able to easily circle together to make magic. It would be one hell of a town.

Amy Tingle is the co-founder of Food for the Soul Train, a mobile creativity company based in Nutley, NJ.

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Laura-Brandlen-bioCommunity. Specifically, communities that will open their arms, hearts and minds to create the support systems for our incarcerated as they reenter society. The school to prison pipeline/population have it even harder. They have no life skills AND a criminal record limiting them on available jobs and housing. 90% of the men and women incarcerated will return to our communities and they deserve opportunities to thrive rather than be held hostage by their past. Its scary, I know because I have some personal experience with this as my stepson is due to be released next year.  My husband and I have to figure out how to help him renegotiate life. I want to create communities that help other families with this same dilemma. I will call it “re-membering”.

Laura Brandlen is the Pro-Pie-ator at Giggling Sisters Pie Parlor where Pie meets Art and the rest is “her”story.

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