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making-a-living-column-headerWhat does the word abundance mean to you? How do you feel, what do you think about when you ponder that word?

Kate-Swoboda-bioAbundance is really about trust. Trust that I am enough, the world is enough, and that there is already plenty and that there will continue to be enough. We don’t fear that we won’t have enough, so much as we fear that we are not enough. We doubt our capacity. When we trust in our capacity, our cup is full.

Kate Swoboda is the creator of the Courageous Coaching Training Program: CourageousCoachingTraining.com

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Maya-Stein-2For me, abundance is really about quality, not quantity. Depth, not breadth. I think about rootedness when I think of that word. How much do I need to give me a fuller sense of connection to something, a feeling of greater intimacy and deeper meaningfulness? As an introvert, I tend to value space and time over activity and busyness. I love (and often crave) silence. I am drawn to reflection. I need retreat. When I have this kind of abundance, I am much more receptive to the world around me and can meet it more fully.

Maya Stein is a Ninja poet, writing guide, and creative adventuress who can be found at mayastein.com

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Rachel-Cole-bioIt’s perspective that determines abundance. Anything can feel like a blessing or a curse depending on how you perceive it. For example, I live in a tiny studio apartment. To some it would feel cramped. To me, it truly feels like a palace. The less I take for granted and the more I engage in the fallow seasons of life, the more abundance I experience. It’s just a perspective shift.

Rachel W Cole is a life coach, teacher, and writer who supports women in feasting on their lives.

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Tracey-Clark-bioABUNDANCE: The word abundance for me is a soothing salve. It doesn’t matter if I say it, write it or even think it; abundance reminds me of all that is positive and good, bountiful and plenty. My shoulders relax, my brow unfurrows, my breathing slows as I merely meditate on it. When I am reminded of the abundance I experience in my life, I am not only grateful, I am satisfied with where I am right now, as it is, no matter what. I lack nothing and I have all that I need. That is a powerful feeling.

Tracey Clark is an author, photographer, mom and the founder of Shutter Sisters.

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Aimee-BowersTo me abundance is choice, the choice of how to create my days and life. Most of my choices revolve around exploration and wondering, so that naturally expands my world and experiences into a rich tapestry of experiences. I love being able to tap into an ever widening well of opportunities and discoveries. I am happiest outside, in an art museum, reading a book and spending time with my family.

Amy Bowers writes and runs disruptive labs from under the moniker Mama Scout.

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  • Sherry Richert Belul July 1, 2015, 8:22 pm

    I love reading all of these responses. What a great reminder that “abundance” is such a personal aspect of our lives — that it can be time, freedom, self-worth, family, art, or anything that fills us and lights us up. Just reading what each of these wonderful women had to share was a type of abundance; I experienced everything vicariously. (Which proves that our imagination is also an amazing form of abundance!) Thanks. :-)

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