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Mabel is a print publication created by two friends who have had a life-long love affair with magazines. Mabel exists to empower thoughtful conversation, to encourage an honest and real commitment to creating our own unique lives and to supporting each other in recognizing that every moment of the day is ours.

Mabel Magazine is a place to share stories and experiences and our hope for you is that you find your truest self within the pages, within the stories, photos, and artwork. We hope that you too will see Mabel as we do—and love her as much as we do—a woman who understands that the journey to her truest life is the only path she is meant to be on.


{ Stef }
For as long as I can remember, I have been motivated to live a creative life, and have always chosen personal and professional pursuits that support and deepen this relationship. I am a self-taught photographer who enjoys catching those moments when the truth comes out—a unexpected laugh, a look, a kiss—and I believe that it’s in the small gestures and details where beauty comes alive the most. My photography captured many moments between mothers and daughters creating together in the book Just us Girls: 48 Creative Art & Craft Projects for Mothers & Daughters to Do Together. I’m on a journey of curiosity and wanderlust to find it—whether it’s a walk on the beach, watching my daughters hula hoop, hunting the streets for a vintage VW bus, or heading out on a road trip. For me, the heart of each journey is the determination to find and make art. I’m also passionate about designing navigational tools to help others use on their creative journeys. In 2010, I co-founded Teahouse Studios in Berkeley, CA, and brought world-renowned artists and teachers to facilitate classes ranging from mixed media art to wild writing to marketing for your business and self-care for your soul. Many of my photographs were used in articles for Mingle and Cloth•Paper Scissors Studios documenting these classes, artists and Teahouse Studio. These experiences, in addition to my 10+ years in the graphic design/project management field, have been the foundations vital to conceptualizing Mabel, and I’ve been lucky to find the perfect collaborator in Liz Kalloch to help me bring this magazine to life.

{ Liz }
I was born on a navy base in Virginia and when I was almost 2 years old I gave up my dreams of sailing the seven seas and moved to Belgium with my parents and my twin brothers. I learned to speak French and had my first up-close experience with nuns moonlighting as teachers. After a few years we departed to Venezuela where I reveled in the new-found knowledge that there are indeed places in the world where you can swim in the ocean on Christmas Day. I am a designer, illustrator, painter, teacher, and writer who now lives in a turquoise house near the San Francisco Bay. My art and design work have taken me all over the world, and I have created for a diverse lot of industries: ceramics studios, gift publishers, book publishers, jewelry, newspapers, indie start-ups, and a non-profit research institute. My illustrations and writing have graced the pages of some lovely books and publications—including: Listening to Our Grandmothers, 5 Days in April and Telling Your Story. I recently co-created the book, SHE: A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman with Mary Anne Radmacher and am featured in Indie Kindred, a documentary on working as an independent artist.

For us, Mabel captures the essence of our love of creativity and opens the door to exploring how it’s possible to live a creative life, while also making a living that sustains us. Mabel provides a visual space to explore and expand the definitions of creativity, and offers an expressive platform to inspire, inform, and energize our readers.